Info: '94+ Rear Lights

'94+ Rear Lights

Date: July 6th, 2004
Cost: $355
Time: 3 hours


The rear lights for the 1994 and newer (second generation) MR2s were redesigned and look much better than their earlier counterparts.


The '91-'93 tail lights were okay (though faded), but the newer ones look so much more clean. The modification is fairly simple, though you do have to do some soldering/crimping, denting of the car (to get the reverse lights to fit), and an alternate lock cylinder (which you will want to rekey, unless you like having a different key for your trunk than your doors/ignition). Also, the later model cars (93+) changed paint colors! This presents a problem for those of us (me) who have Crimson Red paint and get the tail lights with Super Red for the center section. It isn't horrible, but it would be nice if they matched. Oh well, I'll just have to paint it one of these days.