Info: Clifford Matrix Alarm

Clifford Matrix Alarm

Date: March 20th, 2005
Cost: $450
Time: N/A


This alarm does all the usual car alarm stuff, but it's also a two-way alarm, meaning that the remote makes noise if the car alarm goes off.


This alarm is definitely top quality, but I recommend telling the installer exactly how you want it set up, or they will take any shortcuts they can. You can have them activate passive arming, which will automatically arm the car if the engine is turned off and then you leave the vehicle. It basically starts a 30 second countdown and then automatically arms the vehicle. They will also most likely not tell you all the features, so be sure to research the exact alarm you want before you have them install it, and then direct them every step of the way and thoroughly read the instruction manual. Overall, I am very pleased with the alarm. When a car alarm goes off, I can rest assured that it is not mine, because the key chain will notify me when it is.