Info: Eibach Pro-Kit Springs

Eibach Pro-Kit Springs

Date: July 8th, 2005
Cost: $250
Time: 2 days off and on


The springs lower the car about an inch, bringing it only slightly below the stock height, but they are stiffer and progressive. That means initially their resistance is lower and the car is not too harsh on normal roads. As more force is applied, more force is required to compress the spring, so they become more stiff during harsher rides, helping to reduce body roll and enhance cornering.


Having replaced the springs, struts, wheels and tires at about the same time, I noticed a huge change in the handling. The car feels like it is glued to the road now. In a sense, it is almost scary, because the limits are so much higher than stock. These springs are the right choice if you like to push your car, but you should reconsider if you don't want an extremely stiff ride or if the roads are rough where you live.