Info: Hella FF200 Fog Lights

Hella FF200 Fog Lights

Date: June 30th, 2004
Cost: $130
Time: 2 hours


Foglights are placed low on a car's front end to light underneath fog. My MR2 came with foglights, but one of them broke due to a highway mishap (a truck driver lost some parts out of his bed and I ended up finding them... with my old fog lights). Toyota quoted the replacement foglight at $150! That was for ONE stock foglight, and the stock ones weren't even effective to begin with. I decided to search for an aftermarket solution and found the FF200s.


These lights look very sleek and nice. I had to devise my own bracket to mount the foglights. I also painted the bracket and rear of the foglights black, and then I painted the outer edge red in an effort to get the lights to blend in better. Overall, I'd say the quality is good and the price was right. I loved these foglights all the way until the day someone stole them right off my car....