Info: Hella H4 200mm Headlights

Hella H4 200mm Headlights

Date: July 26th, 2008
Cost: $116.87
Time: 20 minutes


The stock headlights are sealed units, which have to be completely replaced when the bulb burns out. These headlights allow for the use of H4 halogen bulbs to be replaced independently of the lens casing. These are the "Euro style" lights. The main difference is that European headlights put more light on the road, whereas DOT-approved (U.S. market) lights are required to put a certain amount of light upward to illuminate overhead signs. That means these are more efficient and higher wattage than the stock lights.


One of my biggest frustrations with the MR2 was the weak headlights. The sealed units meant you were always getting a poorly manufactured unit because it was designed to be thrown away. I had thought a lot about different flush-mount options, but I eventually decided that a direct replacement would be the best choice for now. The difference is significant, and I wish I would have put these in the first night I had my MR2.