Info: TKO 3" Exhaust


Date: May 4th, 2005
Cost: $845
Time: N/A


The stock exhaust system is very restrictive and quiet. The sound itself was a nice growl, but quiet even at WOT considering the speed of the car. The TKO Exhaust is the best dyno-proven exhaust, adding about 25hp over the stock exhaust system. Turbocharged vehicles especially benefit from a good exhaust system.


The exhaust (6" mufflers) has a very nice sound that I would call a sort of resonating low growl from maybe 2K-4K RPMs. During sustained trips, the sound of the exhaust is not annoying, but I do still have all the firewall padding (which slightly muffles the exhaust sound for those inside the car). If you want to hear your car (and you want it to sound like the engine is much bigger than it is), this exhaust is great. If you do not want to hear your car, sell the MR2 and get something else! This is definitely one of the mods I am most pleased with even years later.