Wheel and Tire Calculator Help


I created the wheel and tire calculator when I was looking for new wheels for my car. People would always ask, "is this flush?" questions on the MR2 message board, and El Paalo was answering them manually, one by one. With his help, I was able to create a very simple calculator that would tell how close a given input was to flush. From there, I expanded it to have inputs for old/stock wheels, so the calculator could be semi-applicable to any vehicle. Then I added speedometer calculations.


The calculator is able to do the following:

Bugs and Errors

This paragraph usually stays bug-free because I try to fix problems right away. If the issue requires a lot of work, I post information here and on the calculator page itself.

Keep in mind the calculations are not perfect. For instance, flushness does not take into account your alignment. Tire speeds do not take into account air pressure. Slight differences exist between cars, wheels, tires, etc. so it's impossible to be completely accurate, but this calculator is extremely close.